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3 hours  120/150€ 

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The Buddhist temple of Soportújar is a sacred place located in the Alpujarra region of Spain. It is known for its serene beauty and impressive architecture. The temple, inaugurated in 2004, is situated in a peaceful natural setting and offers a retreat space for meditation and inner peace seekers. Its lush gardens and carefully carved Buddhist statues create a spiritual atmosphere. In addition to being a Buddhist practice center, the temple is also a hub for intercultural exchange, hosting workshops and events related to Buddhist philosophy. It is a spiritual sanctuary that attracts visitors from around the world. The journey from Capileira to the Buddhist temple takes approximately 40 minutes (including 20 minutes of driving on dirt roads). Once there, you will have time to explore the place on your own (CapiFox does not provide guided services): you will have 1 hour and 30  minutes respecting the authorized visiting hours according to the season.

Afterwards, we will return to Capileira.

Tour conducted in the Jeep JLU Islander - we can accommodate up to a maximum of 4 people at once.

Price: €150.

Tour conducted in the Jeep Yj - we can accommodate up to a maximum of 3 people at once.

Price: €120.


 Internet Site of Templo Budista :

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