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3 hours 80/100€

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Soportújar, this charming village in the Alpujarra region of Andalusia, is steeped in legends of witches that haunt its cobbled streets. Nestled at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, the mystical atmosphere of Soportújar intrigues visitors. The locals share stories of spells and magical practices, adding to its enchanting charm. The breathtaking landscapes, with their green valleys and terraced fields, lend a magical dimension to the village's setting. The ancient church of San Miguel, a witness to its mysterious past, adds to its hidden aura. Festivals celebrate the cycles of nature and offer a delightful experience with dances, songs, and dishes prepared with special herbs. When visiting Soportújar, let yourself be captivated by the mystery of the witches, get lost in the streets imbued with hidden energy, and breathe the magical air of this place. The journey from Capileira to Soportújar takes approximately 20/25 minutes. Once there, you will have 2h00 to visit and enjoy the village on your own (CapiFox does not offer guide services), and then we will return to Capileira.

Tour conducted in the Jeep JLU Islander - we can accommodate up to a maximum of 4 people at once. Price: €100.

Tour conducted in the Jeep Yj - we can accommodate up to a maximum of 3 people at once.

Price: €80.

Internet Site of Soportújar:

We will meet next to the Capileira information point, 10 minutes before departure.

Click on that message to view the meeting point address on the map.

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