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Cortijo el Albercon 

y Tajo del Águila

2 to 4 hours 

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The 4x4 journey from Capileira to Cortijo el Albercón takes approximately 20/25 minutes. Once there, you can enjoy the "Cortijo el Albercón" and what its owner Edgar can offer, both on a personal level (friendliness and knowledge about the surroundings - it's important to note that Edgar has traveled to many places in the world: he speaks Spanish, English, and Portuguese) and gastronomically. Edgar is a chef and, in addition to renting his Cortijo for tourism, he can provide breakfast, lunch, or afternoon tea, depending on the time you are there.

You can also enjoy the garden with its vegetable patch, relax under the trees on the property, and, in warm weather, take a dip in the pool filled with mountain water.

There are no fixed prices for these services at Edgar's property, as contributions are made based on each person's appreciation.

In the near future, visitors will also be able to enjoy artwork at "Tajo del Águila," a private property located next to Cortijo el Albercon, which will be opened to the public as a rustic art gallery. They will receive information from Jaime, a professional painter and owner of Tajo del Águila, thus offering an artistic perspective of the surrounding fauna and flora.


The walk back to Capileira, which is of easy to intermediate difficulty, takes about 30 minutes.

We remind you that CapiFox does not provide guide services, but we provide a map of the route through a hiking app (which should be downloaded to your mobile phone before departure) to ensure that visitors stay on track and don't miss any of the stunning views on the return journey to Capileira.

In the "Before going" section, you will find the steps to download the Wikiloc app and the specific route back from Cortijo el Albercón to Capileira. It refers to "ROUTE 1" which starts from the "acequia baja" but passes about 500 meters from Cortijo el Albercón without the possibility of getting lost to join that route, as it is a straight line.

Here is the QR code for ROUTE 1 (you can also click on the QR code).

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ruta 1.jpg


 Tour conducted in the Jeep JLU Islander  - we can accommodate up to a maximum of 4 people at once.

Price: €60

Tour conducted in the Jeep YJ  - we can accommodate up to a maximum of 3 people at once.

Price: €45

Cortijo el Albercon :  ​

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