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Acequia baja

3 hours 45/60€

Acequia bis.HEIC
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The 4x4 trip from Capileira to the Acequia Baja takes approximately 30-35 minutes. We will make a first stop at a point of interest: the "Paso de las Encinas" (Tajos del Ángel), where you can enjoy an impressive view of Bubión, Capileira, and the mountains...

Afterward, we will take you with the vehicles to the "Acequia Baja," and after a brief explanatory talk, we will leave you there to start on your own your way back to Capileira, walking about 1500 meters alongside the lower irrigation channel before descending towards the village.

The Acequia Baja originates from ancient Arab irrigation systems and has been used for centuries to distribute water from natural springs and sources to the cultivated lands in the area. Its construction is a testament to the ingenuity and skill of local farmers in harnessing the available water resources in the mountains.


The 5.5km hike back to Capileira, of moderate difficulty, takes approximately 2 hours.

We remind you that CapiFox does not provide guide services, but we provide a map of the route through a hiking app (which should be downloaded to your mobile phone before departure) to ensure that visitors stay on track and don't miss any of the stunning views on the return journey to Capileira.

In the "Before going" section, you will find the steps to download the Wikiloc app and the specific route back from Cortijo el Albercón to Capileira. It refers to "ROUTE 1".

Here is the QR code for ROUTE 1 (you can also click on the QR code).

RUTA 1_edited.jpg

 Tour conducted in the Jeep JLU Islander  - we can acco

mmodate up to a maximum of 4 people at once.

Price: €60

Tour conducted in the Jeep YJ  - we can accommodate up to a maximum of 3 people at once.

Price: €45

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